Disturbed Nature

September 26 2012 Letter to Coyote Watch Canada RE: Coyote Habitat Disruption – Active Den – Subsequent “Problem” in Tutela Heights Area from Mohawk Workers


First we would like to express our appreciation for the work your organization and its members contribute towards keeping nature in balance.  We have recently become distressed to find evidence suggesting that what once appears to have been an active coyote den near Tutela Heights Road in Brant County (near to the Grand River) within Mohawk Ouse River territory appears to have been disturbed & disrupted by a developer’s agents during the past 2 years.  During this same time period, local authorities have been trying to deal with what has been described as an “increasing coyote problem” in nearby settlements, leaving many local residents to live in fear unnecessarily.

Our position is as follows:

1. Improper land stewardship has led to unacceptable natural imbalances within our territory which require action on an urgent basis.

2. Chronic failures to consult with us as the land’s rightful / lawful custodians (as proclaimed by the Crown of England) by various belligerent occupiers including land developers and their agents / cohorts has made this problem worse.

3. The way forward is for all stakeholders to make themselves fully informed & come together in order towards reaching agreeable solutions.

We welcome your input to this end, and look forward to the possibility of working together in the future.  You can learn more about the Mohawk Workers and our work including past / current struggles / our history and how our confederacy is organized at our website http://mohawkworkers.wordpress.com     http//tutelaheights.wordpress.com site is devoted exclusively to the Tutela Heights area, and our struggles with a developer operating as WALTON corp. “Disturbed Nature” is a page within the Tutela Heights website where coyote habitat disruption / destruction is highlighted.

Finally, I invite you to visit our Allied Groups section of the Mohawk Workers’ website, and to consider adding your organization to our list of supporters.  I am happy to answer any questions or to provide a tour of our territories to you anytime.

With best wishes & regards,

Jason Bowman for Bill Squire (Mohawk Worker – Wolf Clan)

Kanyen’kehake of the Ouse River
Kanata – 440 Mohawk Street
Brantford, ON N3T 3C4 CANADA
Local tel. / fax: 519-752-7701
Toll-free tel. / fax: 1-888-278-4188
Bill Squire – Spokesperson for the Kanyen’kehake of the Ouse River
Contact: Jason Bowman (Special Assistant to Bill Squire)

PARIS – Brant County councillors are looking at ways to control coyotes.

“A staff report at Monday’s corporate development committee meeting recommended that the county’s animal control program not be expanded to include coyotes or the reimbursement to resident for the costs of dealing with “nuisance wild animals.”

But a majority committee members rejected that recommendation after Coun. Cliff Atfield expressed his concerns.

“These are not nuisance animals, these are dangerous animals,” he said.

“What are you going to do when you have animals like this walking on our streets and roads? They’re going to end up in Burford, and they’re going to be in St. George. I’m afraid we could end up with a lawsuit if some kid gets mauled.”

Coun. Joan Gatward said she is worried about the potential cost of expanding the program to go after problem coyotes.

“It’s unfortunate that wildlife comes into our urban areas,” she said. “But there are ways of dealing with it through the Ministry of Natural Resources or the bylaw enforcement officer, rather than tracking them.”

After the staff recommendation was defeated, Mayor Ron Eddy won support for a motion directing staff to explore alternative options in setting up a coyote control problem in a cost-effective way, and bring a new report to the committee.

“This is going to be more and more of a problem, and we have to deal with it,” said Eddy.

Council is expected to give the motion final approval at the Sept. 4 meeting.

The staff report noted that coyote sightings in rural and urban areas of the county have increased since the 1990s.” From: Brantford Expositor – August 13, 2012 

Resident Susan D’Uva said in a letter that she finds “quite disturbing” the county’s intention to trap and kill coyotes.

“These animals are fearful of people and usually stay away from residential areas,” she wrote.

“We live close to the Grand River and have seen one from a window, trying to catch a rabbit. Not such a problem; this is nature at work.

“Cities are constantly taking over rural land and wildlife is displaced,” she continued.

“Does this mean we must kill the wildlife we pick and choose to dislike?”

The City of Niagara Falls recommended in a letter that Brant consider the assistance that it received from Coyote Watch Canada in mounting a public information program designed to quell fears and better inform the public when that municipality was experiencing a rise in coyote activity in the urban area.

“Volunteers gathered information, identified sources through field observations, provided tips and strategies to the public and met with residents and community stakeholders,” the Niagara Falls city clerk letter wrote.

“In almost every instance, it was the presence of feeding and food stuffs left by humans that led to coyote issues.” Sept. 18, 2012 Brantford Expositor


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